Starting out in film

“In fact, at a time when we are being encouraged to ascribe world-changing ambitions to each and every mundane thing we do, Coachella’s desires are hearteningly pure, simplistic, and self-contained—which may be even a little bit radical.”

Carrie Battan, The New Yorker

I found this really interesting quote while I was wondering around the wonderful world wide web, and you guys may be thinking: What on earth does Coachella have to do with film?

Well, here’s my answer to that. I interpreted it as such; in a world where there’s always an expectation for one to do their best in everything they do, it won’t be the end of the world if maybe, just maybe, you’d give in to your desires and do what you want to do, be happy.

Just to make things really clear, I started out in film way before I read this article, but I felt that this really resonated within me. I’m not a great photographer, at this point of time, I would say I’ve barely dipped my toes in film. I’ve made numerous rookie mistakes, more than I can count. And I’m still making them today. But I’ve never been happier. The ideas that ricochet off the walls in my head, leading me to take weird ass shots that somehow turn out decent, the contemplation on whether to take the photo or not because of the limited amount of film exposures, the anticipation and suspense that comes with the developing, whether or not it’ll turn out great or not. It’s all such a thrill.

I’ve been using a disposable camera for all my shots, and I have to say that for the price I’m paying, the joy that I get when I see my photos developed make it worth.

I’m Chris from Singapore, and allow me to take you on a journey through my photos and share with you my experience as well as some tips and tricks for that hipster (yes it’s pretty hipster to dabble in film at my age) or that adult, or really anyone that wants to dip their toes into the vast world of everything film.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



(me in Bangkok)

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