4 Occasions to Use Disposable Cameras


I’m back

After a long-ass hiatus, great to finally be writing again. Got the inspiration from a few of my customers after some of them told me what they were using the cameras for and I felt that it was pretty cute, so here’s me sharing with y’all to try and inspire y’all so y’all can impress your friends by showing them how you’re the creative-est connoisseur of Creativity Town.


Many of my customers actually bulk ordered (yes I do give discounts if you wanna get lots of ’em) cameras for their weddings. It’s quite cute honestly, if you guys can picture it the way I see it.

Picture this: your spouse and you walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, dancing, all through how your family and friends see it. Now I don’t know about you guys but I think that’s AWESOME like compared to hiring a professional photographer (no shade, maybe a little) which could cost a bomb you could just shell out like what, 500 bucks (300 bucks if you don’t wanna develop photos for them) and get so many more genuine photos (again no shade okay maybe a little). You could also mix it up and get a mixture of black and white and colored photos that would be so bomb.

After which you could even print the ones you like the most and make a little collage. WOW okay fairy tale I don’t actually know how a proper wedding functions I’ve never been to one yes it’s sad I know no I don’t regret not going to one the ang baos you ‘have’ to give are insane what even)

Film photography at weddings also make your photographer really choose his shoots, because with film there’s the whole “you can only take 36 shots” mentality, so every shot counts.

Birthday parties

I feel like this’ll work if you’re more out-going, just a personal opinion of mine. If you don’t really know anyone there and you start taking photos of the party, yeeeeeaaaaah you probably know where I’m going with this. But that’s not to say that you can’t take photos FOR the birthday party, if your friend gives you the honorary title of “Birthday Party Photographer”. No kidding, I actually went for a party where there was a designated photographer, insane right?

Or alternatively, same concept as the wedding. It’ll work, trust me.


Now this one I would’ve NEVER thought of. (not because I’m single….) But a friend told me she was getting 2 cameras, one for her boyfriend and herself. I asked her why and she told me it was to document their relationship through each other’s eyes. AND being the softy I was I went “awww” and for like 2 seconds it warmed my ice cold heart and I almost felt something. ALMOST. Then it froze over again and that warmth feeling went out like a candle in the cold, blistering winter.

But yeah, cute idea for you couples out there.


Now this I’ve done personally to friends, or whom I THOUGHT were friends.

It’s a cute little gesture and also a go-to for me if I don’t really know what to get for that person OR if you’ve been postponing trying to find a gift for that lucky person and suddenly you’re like “SHIT it’s tomorrow what do I do what do I do”. You could find me on Carousell (cameragalore) and we can make a deal there and then (best scenarios would be if you were to give me a few days in advance), and just for the giggles you could tell your friend when you’re giving him/her the gift that I was an asshole and you went through so much trouble to get the camera for them, so all the more they’ll treasure the gift.

(UPDATE, November ’19) I unfortunately no longer sell disposable cameras anymore.

Happy shooting!


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