Where to develop your film in Singapore?

developing film in Singapore

Lots of people have been asking me where exactly can you go to develop film in Singapore.

Just a bit of background before I tell you where you can go. In this day and age all of us want our film as digital copies. There are 2 steps to getting there. 1) Develop and 2) Scan. In really basic terms:

The developing stage would basically be the process where you put your film while in a dark room into chemicals to produce the negatives and also render it insensitive to light, because if you were to expose your film to light before the developing stages all your photos would be ruined.

The scanning stage would basically be putting your photos in digital form, giving colour to your negative images (if you didn’t shoot in black and white).

Personally, and if you’re in town, I always recommend heading down to Triple D @ Burlington Square. NOW before I continue no they don’t sponsor me (though I really wish they would) and I definitely should talk to the uncle running the shop about discounts for my readers, but for now yeah not sponsored no discounts life sucks.


They have pretty smooth service. The uncle there is quite nice, and it’s really fast. If you drop off your film before 2pm you can come back at 5pm ON THE SAME DAY and collect your film. Or if you come after 2pm, you’ll have to come back on the next day at 3pm (around there). They’ll give you your scanned copies on a CD, but you can give them a thumb drive.

Most people want digital copies anyway because even though we’re (yes we) trying be hipsters and shit we still gotta embrace technology. It cost $9.50 for a roll of 27 exposures (shots), which is how many exposures a disposable camera has. 

(UPDATED) The best part about Triple D is that they’ve recently started sending you your scanned photos via Dropbox, so no more physical CDs with your film on it!

I’ve noticed a lot of independent photo scanners as well, but they offer scanning only and not developing, you gotta do that part yourself. They offer a lower price but in my opinion, the fact that you have to go to 2 places (once to a film shop to just develop your photos, once to meet the scanner) isn’t really worth saving what, 50 cents or a dollar.

Or if you’re lazy or if Burlington Square is too far, feel free to drop by a more convenient film shop. But please, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Not knowing and then going to a film shop to develop your precious photos is like dropping your kid off at a random childcare and saying “cya buddy hope you don’t develop HFMD” or something.

Happy shooting!


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