How to Use a Disposable Film Camera (Literally)

Disposable Camera

I realize I’ve been directing all my Singapore customers here for so long but I’ve never actually gone to the basics: how to physically use a disposable camera. Better late than never, so here’s a quick rundown on how to use a disposable film camera.

Activating the flash

Disposable Camera physical

So you can see circled in the photo is a little button that you can toggle up and down. That’s for the flash. When you pop it up, there’ll be a little transparent knob that pops up top.

You’ll have to wait for that to turn RED; this’ll indicate to you that the flash has been activated. If you’re not using it PLEASE pop it back down because you don’t want to waste the battery. (It WILL die out!)

What to do before you take a picture

Fujifilm disposable camera

On the back there’s a gear that you have to wind (circled in photo above) before you take a photo. You have to wind that counter-clockwise (to the right) every time BEFORE you take a photo. That means if you DON’T want to take a photo, you DON’T have to wind it.

And that’s actually about it. Easy as that. If you guys need disposable cameras in Singapore feel free to hit me up either through this blog or via my Carousell account here. Lighting is a whole other issue but I covered it in my other post. Go check it out here!



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