Where to Buy Disposable Cameras in Singapore?

where to buy disposable cameras in singapore

In my *ahem* professional *ahem* experience selling disposable cameras in Singapore, I’d say there has been a slow but steady resurgence in the film industry in Singapore. Telegrams groups are popping up and filling fast, more film photos are gracing everyone’s Instagram feed and of course, my disposable camera sales are going up 😏, which is saying something. (I’m no longer selling disposable cameras, updated Nov ’19)

There are various places to get your disposable camera fix. Though I have to admit that if you don’t actually do your research, you’d be walking around aimless because not every camera shop will sell film, much less disposable film cameras.

Physical Stores

Film shops have become some what a rarity since the early 2000s, with the introduction of digital cameras and photos. Many businesses have folded, sadly, due to the lack of demand but some have withstood the tests of time by diversifying into other aspects of photography and printing whilst still keeping the film aspect of their business alive. Like nature and man-made buildings, many of the film stores are have nestled themselves in central Singapore, amongst the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

A bunch of them are located around the Peninsula Plaza area, with some littered around the West. These stores are still stocking disposable cameras for the casual wondering soul exploring the hidden parts of Singapore who happens to chance upon their shops. Though the price of the camera might be a bit on the expensive side (about 18 – 20 bucks), you’ve gotta understand that it’s because they have such a high overhead cost, with their rent and utility bills and what not.

Here are some stores that I know sell disposable cameras:

Black Market Camera

Peninsula Shopping Centre
3 Coleman Street #03-30/31/32

SG Camera Store

Peninsula Shopping Centre
3 Coleman Street #02-09

Triple D

Burlington Square
175 Bencoolen Street #01-07

And to be fair I’d say most stores in Peninsula Shopping Centre are selling disposable cameras. That’s like film haven at a reasonable price, though the stores mentioned above are the ones I recommend. I’m a bit biased to SG Camera Store though, the customer service there is SO much better compared to the other. Other shops like Riceball Photography (Peninsula Plaza, #01-04) sell a lot more digital cameras compared to film ones, but you can still go there to visit just to check ’em out! They have pretty cool accessories like camera straps and stands for your long exposure shots.


A quick search on Google will give you all the platforms that sell disposable cameras, which by the way is A LOT. So let me just help by narrowing down your options.

For starters, you don’t want to buy from any Chinese websites (EZBuy etc). Not hating on them because I do know that the parts are made in China and they’re shipped off to be assembled in the US or Japan, but then again I’ve seen shady deals where they offer you an ‘assortment’ of film cameras on these websites and you never know what you’re gonna get. Better safe than sorry, might as well spend a bit more to get something you know is 100% genuine then risk getting a possible fake.


Right so most people on Carousell will be selling a variety of disposable cameras, but the ones I’d recommend are Fujifilm and Kodak. If you have more money to spend, go for Kodak. The colours produced on the photos are definitely richer. However, if you want to go budget mode, I’d say go for Fujifilm. Does the job, and actually produces pretty good photos if used properly. After all, the man maketh the suit. (y’know cause it depends on the skill of the photographer when judging light, location blah blah blah)


Another platform to get your cameras on. I don’t particularly like Shopee even though I actually use it to sell my cameras as well. I’m just not familiar with the platform, but that’s another place to get cameras at a reasonable price.


The Amazon of the East. You can find anything and everything on here, including disposable cameras. However, I do recommend being cautious when buying disposable cameras on this platform. A quick recon and only a few sellers are selling genuine cameras. The rest of them are selling cameras they buy from China. (not gonna point fingers but it’s pretty obvious who’s doing what) PLEASE do NOT skimp on quality for price. You’re capturing memories, which can never be replaced later no matter how much you pay. So please do invest in a good quality camera to capture em.

And that concludes this post. Overall, I’d say that if you can wait for a camera, getting them online would definitely be cheaper. However, downsides would be that sometimes sellers take very long to reply (NOT ME THOUGH) and you might end up missing out. In this situation that’s where physical stores come to the rescue. More often then not they will always have stock, though at a heftier price. But I guess you’re paying for the urgency and assurance.

If you need help using disposable cameras, I wrote some guides with regards to the physical use as well as the some technicalities, particularly lighting.

Thanks for taking the time to read, happy shooting!



  1. Very informative on the various places to buy, the quality and what to look out for! Thank you for sharing! What would the difference be in using a disposable camera as compared to a Film camera? Would the quality of pictures be different when developing?


    1. Hey Zachary! Personally I feel like the difference between a disposable and an actual film camera would be control. For a disposable everything is fixed whereas for a film camera (not talking about the point and shoot ones) you can control everything (shutter speed, aperture etc.).

      Quality-wise it’ll definitely be different, but not because of the developing. It’ll be different because of the cameras themselves!


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