About me

photo_2018-08-06_21-59-42Name’s Chris, from Singapore.

I actually started this because when I first started in film, no matter how much I searched there weren’t any guides specifically for the usage of disposable cameras. Now that kinda sucked because for me, because I’m the type of guy that wants to at least understand what I’m doing before I dive into it.

Now as you’ll see from this guide, I jumped right in without any knowledge and just started playing with the camera. As a result? Literally 2/3 of my first film roll came out grainy. Any normal person would think: Nah man I’m out this sucks. Well I’m not normal. Instead, I was like, “Fuck this is gorgeous” when I saw the ones that did come out okay. So yeah, after about a hundred bucks in film and photo development expenses later, here I am, sharing with you my experience.

I’m also thinking of getting a film camera as of 22/12/2018, so yeah I might just use this WordPress to document my journey.

SO yeah that’s my story of how I got started, what’s yours?