What do you use to shoot?

35mm Fujifilm QuickSnap Single Use Flash Camera, 400 ISO.

Canon AE-1 Program (Jan 2019)

Pentax Espio 200 (Oct 2019)

Where do you develop your film?

Since I’m based in Singapore, I go to this place at Burlington Square, Triple D. Their service is fast and they’re the cheapest (for now). It costs $9.50 to get digital copies and they’ll upload your photos in a Dropbox and they’ll get it done quite fast, on the same day at least! The express 1 hour service is an additional $2.50 per roll.

I’m not paid to advertise for them I just always go to them.

What kind of subjects are the best for disposable cameras?

Well personally, I love to take scenery in the day time when it’s real bright and people at night because I love the way the flash brings out facial features. There’s also this whole science-y explanation that I like to give but it’s really nerdy basically talking about photons and speed of light and how the photons bounce on the subject but I won’t bore y’all.

Do disposable cameras come with film already inside?

Yes, yes they do. You don’t have to buy the film separately.